The Gang


Maya wants to be the leader, but can't get her siblings to follow. She is often exasperated by the antics of her siblings and cousins. Nobody seems to 'get it.'

samantha 'sammi'

She tries hard not to follow Maya and makes her own pathway instead. She and Sweetpea are often amazed at the silly antics of her brother Spencer and Brennan. She is very competitive.

Spencer 'spence'

He is quiet and reserved. He lets his two sisters, Maya and Samantha, do all the talking. He loves gymnastics and his life is in balance. Along with Brennan, Spence loves playing pranks on his sisters, Maya and Samantha.


Brennan often doesn't understand where his little sister, Sweetpea, comes up with her reactions to things. A rule follower generally, Brennan still loves to join Spencer in pulling pranks on the girls.

charlotte 'sweetpea'

Precocious and intuitive, she sees the world from a viewpoint others don't sometimes understand.


This proud grandpa-turned-storyteller couldn't be more adoring of this gang of five.

Their hijinks provide endless laughter, inspiration, and material.